Reynolds’s News and Miscellany

A website dedicated to history, literature, poetry, and literary criticism

Reynolds’s News and Miscellany is inspired by two of the biggest-selling radical newspaper of the Victorian era: Reynolds’s Weekly Newspaper and Reynolds’s Miscellany.

It is intended as a space for anyone who is interested in history, literature, art to discuss it. So if you’ve read a fab new novel, seen a great work of art, visited a cool new museum of heritage site and feel you want to blog about it then please get in touch with the editors!

We welcome articles on all manner of political, social, and cultural topics and all authors will retain copyright over their submissions.

There will also be many reprints of interesting and obscure pieces of Victorian-era fiction which we’ve found in magazine archives. And if you find any please pass them our way so this site can fulfil its aims and become a true ‘Miscellany’.

“Our” (we place in scare quotes as we’re appropriating the name of a historical writer, G.W.M. Reynolds) historical archive of Reynolds’s own writings can be found at our sister site: Reynolds’s Weekly Newspaper.


Stephen Basdeo (BA, MA, PhD)

Assistant Editor

Jessica Elizabeth Thomas (BA, MA)


The editors are always on the look out for interesting writing on all manner of subjects. If you want to chat about art, books, wine, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out!

Email: stephen.basdeo@outlook.com