Mary Contrary

Stephen Basdeo

An archived version of this post is available here: https://archive.ph/2021.05.23-192707/https://reynolds-news.com/2021/05/20/mary-rambaran-olm-university-toronto-lies-fraud-libel-racism/%23click=https://t.co/Cz4aLTxQwr

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  1. Interesting that the response to this is to assert all over twitter that you are doxxing her parents. Have I missed something?

    • By the way, I’ve never met you, but I’d nonetheless like to express solidarity. I was good friends with one of the major players in this crowd once, but was accused of being racist because I once had the audacity to suggest that democratic progress sometimes involves encouraging people with different politics and opinions from one another to pull in the same direction at the same time, and that this generally requires persuasion rather than browbeating. It turns out, though, that anything less than total submission is a demonstration of unforgivable wickedness.

      As regards doxxing, I note that one of them is now circulating a version of your CV.

  2. Interesting.
    After reading this, I went to see Dr Olm’s twitter. I didn’t see anything about you but quite a few things regarding the Israel/Palestine situation that seemed to cross the line into Anti-Semitism.
    As they say, scratch a racist, find an Anti-Semite.