Website Re-branding | Stephen Basdeo

Stephen Basdeo is a historian and writer based in Leeds, UK and has decided to rebrand his website as Reynolds’s News and Miscellany.

Many people have followed this website for a while now. I’ve been blessed with some loyal subscribers, many of whom offer feedback on my posts (and helpfully serve as informal copy editors by pointing out my mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation!)

Most people have known this site as Here Begynneth a Lytell Geste of Robin Hood—that was the title I decided upon when I first set up the site in 2015 when completing a PhD thesis titled ‘The Changing Faces of Robin Hood’.

It was originally intended as a website solely devoted to crime and outlaws but, as any regular reader of this site will have probably guessed by now, its scope has organically expanded. The site now features writings by myself and other people on a range of historical and literary topics.

It’s for this reason that I decided to rename the site. There will still be plenty of Robin Hood material for those who originally followed this website.

But the new name is Reynolds’s News and Miscellany.

It’s obviously inspired by the popular Victorian-era magazines that were founded by one of my favourite authors, George William MacArthur Reynolds, who founded Reynolds’s Weekly Newspaper and Reynolds’s Miscellany.

I hope to actually get people submitting their work for publication on this site (see the about page for further details) while I’ll also be enlisting the help of assistant editors.

So, enjoy new and more varied content than before!

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