19th Century

Loud the Song of Triumph (1839): A Chartist Song | Anonymous

The following poem appeared in the Chartist song book titled National Songs and Poetical Pieces (1839). It celebrates the fight for liberty and the vote in all four corners of the British Isles. The song is from a time when there was no tension between the expression of a healthy patriotism and support for progressive causes. Transcribed by Stephen Basdeo in 2021.

Loud the song of triumph raise,

   Hymn the peaceful warrior’s praise,

Hail! to Britain’s noblest days;

   Sing aloud—rejoice!

Boast no more a despot throng,

   Sing no more a warlike song,

Sweet as peace—as freedom strong,

   Be a nation’s voice.

Tyrants, tremble in your halls,

   Down each hateful rampart falls,

Britons rise, your country calls,—

   Be ready, sire and son!

Albion, Scotia, Erin see,

   Bold, united, firm and free,

Bid the knavish factions flee,—

   Our GREAT CAUSE is won!