19th Century

Forgive and Forget | Philo Junius

The following poem titled “Forgive and Forget” was written pseudonymously by Philo Junius and published in Home Circle in 1850.[1]

There’s a magic in kindness

That springs from above:—

‘Tis the type of forgiveness

And herald of love.

If a neighbour offends thee,

Revenge not—but yet,

Remember the motto—

“Forgive and Forget.”

There’s a magic in kindness,

Its home is the heart,

And existence must cease,

Ere its power depart:

It calmeth our passions

And sorrows—then let

Us remember the motto—

“Forgive and Forget.”

Thus friendship will flourish,

And fellowship spread,

And for strife and contention

Peace prosper instead:

And the wide world will find,

That it owes a deep debt,

To that sweet little motto—

“Forgive and Forget.”

[1] Philo Junius, ‘Forgive and Forget’, Home Circle, 31 August 1850, 138.